Wireless Communications Engineer in Yanbu at Parsons

Date Posted: 12/13/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

  • Qualifications

    Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. Specialized training and certification in each area of expertise is a requirement. 

    Must be qualified and specialized on the specific equipment, hardware and software, operation and maintenance of the specific discipline.


    Fifteen (15) years experience in the field of microwave radio communications.

    Experience in military tactical radio system architecture (HF,VHF, UHF, and SATCOM).

    Tactical platform integration experience (Airborne, Naval, and Vehicular).

    Experience in computer communication interfaces (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, etc.)

    Experience in communications standards (ATM, IP, Ethernet, E1, etc)

    Experience in networking internet protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, PPP), IPsec, QcS, Wireless (802.11, 802.16) and Crypto communications.

    Experience in problem analysis, site surveys, and testing procedures.

    Fully conversant with the equipment, facilities and installations in use in the RSAF or have had experience on equipment, facilities, installations or systems of the similar type and generation in a military environment.

    Capable of instructing RSAF personnel and producing training material and providing On-the-Job training in the maintenance and operation of wireless communications systems.

    Fully conversant in wireless radios, having experience on HF, VHF, UHF and SHF communications including associated multiplexing and terminal equipment, Land Mobiles, multi-channel Tape Recorders and Pager Equipment, as well as microwave radio ops and maintenance.

    Fully conversant and have an understanding of SATCOM Uplink, downlink, RF, DAMA, NCS, Multiplex, Modems, Antenna Tracking system, and other equipment in use in the RSAF or have had experience on similar equipment or systems of the same generation. 

    Three (3) years experience in developing and/or supporting one or more of the current wireless  communications networks within the RSAF C4I System: VRCS System, HF Radio System, UHF/VHF Radio System, Microwave Radio Systemor the SATCOM radios is required.

    Experience with Main Distribution Frames, IDF, Voice Conditioning equipment,  Multiplexes, High Power Amplifiers (HPAs), LNAs, Up-converters, Down-converters, etc.

    Three (3) years experience in developing and/or supporting one if not more of the current RSAF wireless communications systems is desirable. 


    Supports the RSAF Officer-in-Charge by:

    Actively advising and assisting in all aspects of his specialty.

    Continuously monitoring of all RSAF training in his specialty and recommending improvements.

    Training RSAF Engineering Officers and Warrant Officers in practical and theory.

    Producing adequate engineering training material in his specialty.

    Performing intermediate level maintenance in his specialty, as required.

    Providing support and advice to the RSAF for maintaining microwave radio systems.

    Participating in modification and enhancement proposals and upgrades to the microwave radio systems.


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